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Dingman Pools is a Long Island-based, full service pool company, offering many top-shelf services to their clients located in Nassau & Suffolk County.

As a Long Island pool liner replacement company with over a decade of experience taking care of the pools of our valued customers, we promise to always exceed expectations. Specializing in pool liner replacements and changes in Nassau & Suffolk County, cover installations, pavers, new pool construction and backyard renovations, Dingman Pools is your one-stop shop for any and all of your pool related needs.

Pool Liner Changes

Over time, vinyl pool liners undergo wear and tear just like any other material. Although it is recommended that liners be replaced every 8 to15 years depending on how frequently the pool is used, in some cases, a full liner replacement may not always be necessary.

Our team of professionals are able to determine, case by case, if a liner needs to be fully replaced or if a repair is needed. Utilizing skilled technicians, excellent craftsmanship and quality materials ensures that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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