Our Pools Opening Services

Dingman Pools keeps up with the always changing technology of pumps, filters, heaters, waterfalls, sheer descents, salt cells, chlorinators and automated systems. By keeping up to date with the times, we are able to keep up with trends and understand out how new equipment operates.

Using the right procedures to open and close your pool on Long Island is crucial to protect the longevity of your pool. When working with Nassau and Suffolk County pool company Dingman Pools, you can rest assured that a professional technician will be there to open, close and service your pool throughout the summer season. Our team has opened and closed thousands of pools and can handle any situation that may arise no matter how basic or intricate the problem may be.

Dingman Pools openings include:

  • Remove/fanfold cover to store in shed or garage
    • Any excess water or debris on top of cover prior to opening will result in additional charges
  • Plugs and skimmer gizmos are removed and replaced with eyeballs
  • Assembly of pool equipment
    • All O-rings and gaskets are lubricated to maintain the tight seal
  • Add liquid and/or granular shock & algicide (if needed)
  • If DE filter is present, diatomaceous earth (DE) powder is added
  • Any hand rails, diving boards or ladders will be installed

Once the opening is complete, a receipt will be left detailing if there is anything additional the customer needs to do

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